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Holiday movie night: “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby”

7 Dec

Welp, baby makes three. How are they going to extend this series next year?

Not as painful as the conga line that ended the sequel. But still painful.

Holiday movie night: “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding”

6 Dec

Oh, no. There’s a sequel.

That was an awkward walk down the aisle, followed by a very awkward reception and … then there’s a conga line. The previously slimy cousin is the only interesting character.

Holiday movie night: “A Christmas Prince”

5 Dec

This is not how ethical journalists behave. Otherwise, it’s a cute story.

Holiday movie night: “The Knight Before Christmas”

2 Dec

The sequel will tell the real story. It’s about a crone who took control of the kingdom after sending knights away through time travel.

Note to directors: Fog never works as the great transition you want it to be.

Holiday movie night: “A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish”

1 Dec

Eye-roll worthy. A rich guy saves the day and proves he’s a good parent. People spontaneously burst into song and dance, but just once. That’s not really a plot point so much as a “let’s add a song and dance number!” decision.