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This is my life

19 Mar

I can’t believe Cat vs. Human has existed for 10 months and I just now found it. Probably because Bearcat was sitting on the computer.

Kitty has the sniffles

15 Mar

Poor Bearcat.

I can haz rebuttal?

25 Feb

I have many things to say about this “Cats adore, manipulate women” article, but Bearcat says she’s hungry. She had to go to the vet earlier, so it’s already been a traumatic day.

(She sticks her tongue out like this all of the time. Adorable. Or maybe she has something to say and hasn’t figured out how yet.)

Cats are a bad influence

29 Dec

I caught Bearcat on the (cluttered) dining room table Tuesday night, which she has never been interested in. (And she is aware of my no-table and no-counter rules.) My brother was staying with me at the time.

Me: “Were you jumping on the table with Bear last night?”
Adam: “What’d she tell you?”
Me: “I just want to know who’s the bad influence.”
Adam: “She did it first.”

Damn cat.

And now, a word from Bear

20 Jul

It appears to be a swear word.

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