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Hrm. Kind of appropriate?

11 Mar

The funeral home sent me basic info they’d collected to write the obituary for my grandmother, Celia Spillman. She’s going to be buried at Edinburg Cemetery, where her parents, Clarence and Bessie Fulkerson, and grandparents, Theophilus and Phylenah Fulkerson, are also buried. I didn’t know where Edinburg was, so I Googled it.

Edinburg Cemetery is also knows as Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Journalist = obituary writer

10 Mar

My family doesn’t really understand what I do for a living. The simple answer, if people ask, is “journalist.” More precisely, a Web and page designer. Some of my family members still ask when they’ll see my name in the paper. (As in “byline,” not “police report.” Although either one had better be a long way off.)

As the family journalist, it is my responsibility to write obituaries. I don’t know why, it just is. The last one was for my mother’s dog. Seriously, Gladys was a very important part of the family. It was a very difficult time, especially for my mother, and she asked me to write an obit that she could send out.

Now I’ve been tasked with writing my grandmother’s obit. I’ve been putting it off for hours. Time to brush up on those college obituary writing skills, I guess.