’90 percent chick’? Dream on

6 Apr

Dear Glenn Beck:

Sir, you are ridiculous.

The New York Times insists you and your Fox News show are a “phenomenon.” It’s not the first time the Gray Lady has been wrong; in fact, the paper has received several complaints for telling a lopsided story. But in your latest NYT interview — this time with New York Magazine — you really went too far. You were talking about your YouTube-famous crying video, and said: “I’m a crybaby. I cry at commercials. I am 90 percent chick in that territory.”

Hold. The. Phone.

Ninety percent chick? Sir, you are an arrogant, sexist moron.

You’re not new to this role, of course.

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Mr. Beck, you do not have the emotional or intellectual range to ever be “90 percent chick.”

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