Bearcat Louise

This is the obituary I never wanted to write, although, logically, I knew that someday I would. I didn’t want for it to be now.


Bearcat Louise Smith of St. Louis died April 19, 2013. She was 15.

Bearcat was born the spring of 1998 in Maryville, Mo. She was adopted by two Northwest Missouri State University college students, one of whom portrayed the school’s mascot, a Bearcat. In 1999, Bearcat was adopted by Erica Smith, given a middle name and moved to Indiana.

Bearcat generally led a life of leisure, living in Missouri, Indiana, Washington. She liked to try to steal peas and cheese. She hated thunderstorms. She loved to play fetch and chase reflections and lights. She once got lost in a South Dakota hotel room. She was enamored with running water and hated baths. She often tunnelled under the covers to sleep. She was feisty and sweet.