Can you eat on $20 a week?

September was Hunger Action Month; I’m a little late finding out. Near as I can figure out, the state of Missouri would give a single adult about $20 a week in food stamps. About $2.85 a day. I usually call that soda money. (In Illinois, it would be $25 per week. The executive directors of the Illinois Food Bank Assn. adopted the $25-per-week strategy, and blogged about it.)

I have a bad habit of skipping breakfast. And usually lunch. So I’m wondering if I could actually eat on $20 a week. (To be honest, this probably has less to do with Hunger Action Month and a little more to do with budgeting and money management, which I need to do a better job of.)

So I’m going to try it: $20 for one week. But I’m not starting until Monday because I’m going to the Taste of St. Louis with The Duchess on Sunday.