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Movie night: ‘The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery’

8 Mar

1959 • Filmed in St. Louis, which lots of landmarks to prove it. It moves slow, though. (Here’s what really happened.)

Movie night: ‘Happy Go Lovely’

3 Mar

1951 • Exactly what you’d expect from a 1950s movie about a play (that seems to change right up to opening night).

Movie night: ‘The Birds and the Bees’

1 Mar

1956 • It tries. Sometimes too hard.

Movie night: ‘The Lady Says No’

1 Mar

1951 • Awful. Just awful. Beyond awful.

Movie night: ‘The Grass is Greener’

27 Feb

1961 • A slow start, but there are some good lines hidden in there. Amusing, but not a must-see.

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