Getting over myself

I’ve been in a funk lately.

Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s people (they, generally speaking, seem to be kinda crabby lately). Maybe I’m just feeling bitchy. But lately I haven’t felt like venturing out or talking to people or really doing much of anything.

I know part of it comes from family: My mother has called me at least once a day every day this week. At least. She’s also figured out three-way calling, so a couple of those calls included my brother. In April, I’ve already been recruited to go back to my grandmother’s to help my mother and her siblings go through grandma’s house. I don’t mind that too much, yet. Although the siblings are already squabbling. It was just a matter of time.

Part of it is work: Four A1 shifts when I’m used to doing none is quite a change of pace, and one I don’t really enjoy anymore. Although I was able to figure out a very cool techy thing during my non-A1 shift last week. And my flood map has had nearly 15,000 hits. I’d much rather be doing the techy stuff than the page design, but that’s not really possible right now.

Part of it is my neck which is killing me and causes headaches. I need to find a chiropractor.

Whatever it is, I’m trying to get over it.