Happy Father’s Day, Mom

This Sunday is Father’s Day. Last week, my father finished paying child support.

My parents divorced 25 years ago. Eric (we’re not close; I haven’t talked to him in at least 10 years) was supposed to help support me, my brother and my sister financially. I haven’t read the divorce decree for several years, but I think he was supposed to continue that support until each of us turned 18. I’m the oldest; that would have been 14 years ago. My brother, the youngest, is now 28.

I don’t believe it was much more than $200 per child per month — so a $600 check was due every month until I turned 18. That’s not much. And, obviously, most of ’em were never sent.

It took several other trips to court to get him to pay it, years after it was needed most. Strangely, Eric had been paying $200 a month the past few years, and then all of a sudden paid off the amount with, according to that schedule, a year to go. I hope he’s not bucking for a Father’s Day card. Besides, I already gave my mother her Father’s Day card last weekend when I saw her. (That’s a tradition my brother and I started several years ago.)

Think it’s too late to get Eric to pay off my student loans? He was supposed to help pay for college, too. I’ve been paying back student loans for the past 10 years.