Holiday movie night: “A Christmas Prince”

26 Nov

I don’t care much about Christmas, but there’s something about holiday-themed movies. Particularly those that fall in the “romantic drama” and “romantic comedy” categories. They are awful. Awful. So let’s start here. The lead actress is familiar from “iZombie.” It’s something new from Netflix so it has a chance to be watchable, right?

The main character is a “journalist,” but is definitely not a journalist. (Her big scoop belongs on the society pages. But even then, inside.) The press corps is equally awful. (Although a fellow “journalist” does offer some advice: Find another career path. You too, buddy.)

Holiday movie rule 1: Do not play or sing full versions of Christmas songs. That rule was broken here.

There’s predictable clumsiness. There are secrets — the kind that draw gasps from the crowds and never turn out well. And there are eye rolls, but that was mostly from me.

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