Mac vs. PC

My grandmother switched to a Mac when she was 84.

It was at least her third computer, and her first laptop. The house that she and my grandfather built in 1963 has wireless internet access. In fact, last Wednesday night we had a laptop party at the kitchen table: I had my laptop, my mother had hers and my brother used my grandmother’s.

My grandmother was known to open nearly every e-mail she got. Especially forwards from friends, which, of course, are rife with viruses and annoyances. I told her Macs don’t have the same virus problems that PCs do. Several months ago I got an early-morning phone call — the time of day that usually means bad news, or that the caller does not know me — from my aunt asking about Macs, where to get them and what software would be needed. Grandma called me maybe twice with questions; she might’ve asked others more. (She had eight grandchildren. I’m the only Mac user, but my brother and I live the farthest away.) The preacher at her funeral brought up that she’d switched computer platforms in the last year. He’s in his 50s, and didn’t sound up to the “challenge.”

Still, it’s proof you’re never too old to switch to a Mac.