My grandmother, the drug mule

While looking for a safe deposit key that my grandmother had somewhere, we made many interesting finds. (I definitely get my pack-rat tendencies from her.)

Along with a lot of random jewelry scattered about (some costume, some antique, some just plain scary), a set of (antique) chatter teeth, a series of books that my mother and her siblings had as kids, a voter registration card from 1973 and several driver’s licenses, we discovered a drug stash.

Not just a few prescription medications, although there were definitely those. Nope, shoe boxes full of drugs.

These are (as far was we know) legal. My grandparents used to go to Texas during the winter, and they’d go to Mexico to buy over-the-counter medication. Most of this has been around for years. Nearly all of it was on shelves my grandmother couldn’t reach without a step ladder.

We also found a pill-cutter. Not only was she buying and distributing, she was evidently cutting too. Scandalous!