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Movie night: ‘The Grass is Greener’

27 Feb

1961 • A slow start, but there are some good lines hidden in there. Amusing, but not a must-see.

Movie night: ‘Houseboat’

1 Feb

1958 • Cary Grant, Sophia Loren, three bratty enough kids and some good one-liners.

Movie night: ‘The Amazing Adventure’

1 Feb

1936 • Light-hearted fare that’s been done many times, but this time with Cary Grant.

Movie night: ‘Penny Serenade’

24 Jan

1941 • Cary Grant and a cautionary tale about print media. The ending felt a little too much.

Movie night: ‘Charade’

24 Aug

1963 • Oh, Cary Grant. The opening credits scream 1960s. A couple of twists and turns had me guessing, but I figured out the end before Audrey Hepburn did.