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Singer documents St. Louis shopping trip

19 Mar

This story originally appeared on RealTime/STL.

Singer Lorde, known for her hit “Royals,” is in town a day before her St. Louis concert. She spent part of the day doing a little discount store shopping.

Lorde will perform Thursday at the Peabody Opera House. In 2013, the New Zealand singer said “Royals” was inspired by a photo of Missouri’s other professional baseball team.

St. Louis antiquing adventures

4 Jul

On Sunday, Day 2 of my mother’s trip to St. Louis, we did a little antiquing. I found a set of four silver goblets that were half-price; she found some other silver pieces. I also found a glass juicer, which I’ve wanted for some time, but hadn’t convinced myself to buy. Spotting it at a Goodwill store for $1 changed that. We also picked up a vintage bowl, amber refrigerator dish and a few picture frames. At one of the antique stores, I also spotted a glass corn stick pan. I’d only seen the cast iron version before, but again the price tag convinced me to leave it at the store.

One of my favorite random people-watching spots in St. Louis is the Goodwill Outlet store. (Plus, you can often find interesting things.) As luck would have it, we did: A glass corn stick pan just like the one we’d seen earlier. This one cost about a quarter.


Of punctuation and alphabets

17 Aug

I want one if these.

Yep, I mean the mannequin, not the jewelry. (Spotted at Macy’s.) Do you think there’s a question-mark mannequin somewhere, too?

And these letters are very fun.

(Spotted at Urban Outfitters.)

This is what happens when I am on vacation and have some free time.

Fit to be tied

17 Aug

I love ties. I would absolutely wear them. I love the colors and patterns and styles of these bits of silk. Each one makes a subtle or profound statement or whisper. (But have you ever tried to find a simple tie-friendly button-down women’s shirt? It’s not easy.)

And I may have fixed a shirt display so they had good ties. You’re welcome, Macy’s.

Bearcat chic

16 Aug

I do not understand this trend of fuzzy vests.

But I think I can accomplish a similar look by letting Bearcat sleep on my clothes.