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Turn old T-shirts into laptop sleeves

12 Feb

Got an old T-shirt or 20? Pick your favorite, and recycle it. Into a laptop sleeve.

Hello Rewind takes your T-shirt, chops it up, adds batting and felt and velco and, in a few weeks, sends you a new laptop sleeve. The laptop sleeves will fit 13-, 15- or 17-inch laptops. (Macs are a sure-thing; other computers should fit, but check the size chart just to be sure. By the way, do you know how difficult it is to find a sleeve for a 17-inch Mac? Trust me — it is.) You get all of that for $49, T-shirt and sleeve shipping included.

Now before you think $49 is steep, you should know one more thing: Hello Rewind works with women who were victims of sex trafficking in New York to teach them new skills and how to support themselves.

So not only are you giving new life to an old T-shirt and cleaning out your closet, you’re protecting your laptop and helping sex trafficking victims learn English, sewing and basic business skills. Now I need to figure out which T-shirt(s) I want to send …


How novel

22 Nov

Novel-T has named its first team.


Novel-T has created jerseys for nine characters and authors of novels. Another nine players will be named soon, creating the Novel-T Word Series.

On the first team, Capt. Ahab is clever, Prynne is one of my favorites, and giving Poe the number 13 is a nice touch.