Veterans Day project

I was researching a little project for work, and might have found a relative.

There are more than 140 national cemeteries in the United States. Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia is probably the most widely known. While mapping where those cemeteries are located, I added a list of notable people buried at each cemetery and Medal of Honor recipients.

One of those recipients was Sgt. Edward P. Grimes, U.S. Army, 5th Calvary, 1879:

The command being almost out of ammunition and surrounded on 3 sides by the enemy, he voluntarily brought up a supply under heavy flre at almost point blank range.

Edward Phillip Grimes was a very common name on my great-grandmother’s side of the family. A few years after Grimes died, a relative who I can trace to my family was named after Sgt. Grimes. The younger Edward P. Grimes, also a sergeant in the U.S. Army, was killed in World War II.
I have a thing for military history.

Speaking of which, there are several Veterans Day ceremonies and observances across the nation on Nov. 11.