A letter to my cat

Dear Bearcat,

Your habit of sleeping through the day when I’m at work, and then waking me up every 30 to 45 minutes throughout the night is not working. For me, I mean. It makes me have very strange nightmares about people stealing concrete. (It was an experimental concrete of some sort, and had been crushed into small pieces.)

And about trying, and failing, to find longitude/latitude coordinates. (OK, maybe my fault since that’s what I’d been doing before going to bed.)

And about running an odd eight-story hotel for my mother. (My mother does not own a hotel. But this one included a swimming pool and skating rink. There were a lot of people in town — I don’t know what town — for a kid’s football tournament, and the notebook with the room assignments and reservations was missing, so I was trying to go room to room to figure out which rooms had how many beds, etc. No two rooms were alike. It was an interesting hotel.)

Also this trick of annoying me until I finally get up (usually 15 to 30 minutes before the alarm goes off) just so you can crawl under the covers and have the whole bed to yourself is quite rude.

We must find a better compromise.


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