A penny for your thoughts, a nickel for your dreams

Last night I had a dream about nickels.

These are not the nickels you’re used to seeing. Instead of round coins a little smaller than a quarter and a little bigger than a penny, they were oval-shaped.

This was controversial because I had found some not-oval nickels, which were quarter-sized but with smooth edges. That probably meant they were worth more than their 5-cent face value. (Kind of like double-stamped pennies are worth hundreds of dollars.) Instead, there was great panic that people would try to use the nickels as quarters.

I woke up with impression that this was a mistake in the ovalizing process — that for some reason, the coins were still stamped as circles, then were squished into ovals. But that would be a foolish process, and would make Thomas Jefferson’s head look squished. (As I remember it, it wasn’t, although as an oval there was a redesign, of course.)

I plan to spend the rest of the day looking closing at nickels (and quarter-sized coins).