Adventures in moving

27 Dec

Sometimes I get a bit nomadic and need to move. That is not the case this time: My landlord wanted to raise my rent. My employer only wants to decrease my income. This is when math gets hard.

Lucky for me, I found a fantastic new place (There’s a purple wall!), and the moving has begun. (I have my own hashtag on Twitter: #adventuresinpacking. Next will be #adventuresinunpacking.) Movers will be here early Tuesday morning to take care of the big stuff — the piano.

My brother used to be my moving help. (I’ve helped him move a few times, too.) Our best move was after I graduated from college — there was not an inch of wasted space in the bed of the truck. When unloading the truck the next day, we found out just how well it was packed: A single Kleenex had traveled 200 miles neatly tucked between two boxes.

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  1. The Modern Gal 28. Dec, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

    Good luck 🙂

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