Bearcat attacks woman

Did you see the story about the woman who was attacked by two cheetahs at a cat sanctuary? That was me. Just a different kind of cat and a different state. My story would have read like this:

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — A woman was attacked by a Bearcat on Saturday and treated with Band-Aids to three puncture wounds to her hands and arm, authorities said.

Erica Smith was rushed to the medicine cabinet, but it appears she has non-life threatening injuries, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Smith was corresponding with a friend on the computer when the Bearcat, sitting to her right, became distracted, the sheriff’s office said. Bearcat then pounced on Smith and began biting, clawing and kicking her, a Missouri Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman said.

Bearcat remains loose on the apartment.

Wildlife officers are investigating the attack, but so far it appears no laws were broken, the spokeswoman said.