Even listing projects requires time

I have projects. A lot of projects. The problem is, most all of them are in my head, not where they belong.

The list:
• Crime — the mapping of, not committing or planning
• A green site — environmental, not the color
• Set-up and design (another) blog, which is going to require a little more PHP knowledge than I have right now
• Flood gauges
• Pothole map with user options and additions
• A story-telling map
• Fix the voting process so all parties award delegates the same way, no party has “super delegates,” all elections are uniform and efficient, and move all primaries to a to the same one-month period
• Update a genealogy tree
• Update some files, which require loading a couple of applications, and get them sent off
• Round up information for a blog post that I really need to do tomorrow; get it written and posted
• Baseball site promotion

I also need to pay bills, hit the grocery store, take over the world, finish up some laundry and go to the Post Office. There’s never enough time on my days off.