How to make teal fudge

I decided to clear out part of a kitchen cabinet, and ended up with teal fudge.


I had half a bag of chocolate chips, 5 cubes of almond bark, a little mint extract and a can of just-expired condensed milk. Perfect!


I kind of started with a recipe. It called for two cups of chocolate chips, so I melted together the chocolate chips that I had and three almond bark cubes.

The recipe then called for a cup of condensed milk. I kinda estimated, figuring that was about 2/3 of the 14 oz. can.

It looks much better once the chocolate has melted and everything’s all mixed together.

To make it easier to actually get to the fudge later, I lined an 8×8 pan with wax paper.

I removed the chocolaty goodness from the stove and added 2 teaspoons of vanilla.

And dumped half it in the wax paper-lined pan, leaving it to firm up a bit before the next layer.

Next for the minty center. That’s where the last two almond bark cubes come in. The original recipe called for “white chocolate wafers.” Close enough, right?

So I melted them in the microwave on a low setting. It seemed easier. You can see where I poked the one on the right to see if it was melted; It was.

I added the rest of the condensed milk, which looks kind of goopy until it gets mixed together better.

Back to that recipe, it called for 1 tablespoon of peppermint extract. I almost had 1 tablespoon of mint extract … close enough, once again.

The recipe suggested adding food coloring to make the center layer of the fudge red or green. But I noticed I’d never used the blue food coloring; that didn’t seem right.

So blue it is!


Because the base wasn’t a true white, it looked kind of green. So I added more blue …

… and ended up with teal.

I poured the teal goop on top of the chocolaty layer and put it in the fridge for about 10 minutes to become a little more firm.

Then I added the top chocolaty layer.

After two hours in the fridge, I popped the fudge out of the pan. (Thank goodness for that wax paper.)

Best of all, it’s pretty tasty. The chocolate layer is a little grainy, for lack of a better word, which the Internetz tell me happens when it’s overstirred. Plus, I used up the almond bark that I’ve had for a year, the chocolate chips that I’ve had for almost as long, the just-expired can of condensed milk, the last of the mint extract (which I’ve moved at least three times, and I last moved in 2006.) and I finally got to use the blue food coloring. Yay!

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