Let sleeping dogs snore

I spent the weekend at my mother’s. Which means I spent two nights fighting two Rottweilers for space in a small bed. Lucky for me, Valerie and Missy like to snuggle (although not with each other). Unlucky for me, they’re each about 65 pounds of snoring, kicking, farting, spoiled dog.

It was nice to get back home — you know, where the 10-pound cat has been known to push me out of bed.

Dogs have been big news lately. President-elect Barack Obama has promised to get a dog for his daughters. And the puppy cam is insanely popular. Valerie and Missy are both pound hounds. (Ozzie, Molly and Pica just kind of showed up.) If you’re looking to adopt a dog (or cat — Bear’s from a shelter, too), check your local shelters first. They’ll have plenty of adorable mutts, several older pets looking for a little TLC and even some purebreds.


  1. You just described my dog! He loves to cuddle too, but he’s so big, there’s no room for me to roll over. And the farting, well, oh.my.gosh. Good thing we love him already.

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