Live & Kern store: Now open

2 Dec

Smart people convinced me I should try to sell my nerdy ornaments. I’m working on completing ornament No. 20 (not including the six I’d made for myself) (yes, I went back and made a Tumblr version), all without the official “the shop’s open” announcement. (Unless you count a tweet.)

So: The Live & Kern shop is open!

Now available: Web icon ornaments: Facebook (the most popular), Twitter, Foursquare, RSS, Flickr and Tumblr are available. I have ideas to make a Gowalla version, should such a need arise. Delicious and LinkedIn would be easy enough to add, too. Heck, even Gmail (or a more general e-mail icon) and the iPhone message icon would be super-easy to add, too. (Someone stop me.)

Once I get done with ornaments (or at least caught up), I also have some blankets and scarves I could list. I finished a lovely blue baby/toddler blanket last weekend. And a purple one. And a blue and green and white one.

So head over to the shop and see what projects are keeping me out of trouble.

2 Responses to “Live & Kern store: Now open”

  1. The Modern Gal 04. Dec, 2010 at 9:50 am #

    Your next challenge, should you accept, is to create Foursquare badge ornaments.

  2. The Modern Gal 04. Dec, 2010 at 10:00 am #

    BTW, I borrowed one of your photos for a little blog promotion, if that’s OK with you.

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