My family is making me crazy

My brother is getting married next month. My mother and I are the only members of his family going to the wedding. Not that we have a large family, but he did come back from a deployment overseas to walk my sister down the aisle for her wedding …

My mother has decided to “plan” the couple’s rehearsal dinner. Which means she gave my brother and his fiancĂ©e cash to help cover the dinner, then decided she could invite a friend to attend and go pick the venue and recraft the guest list. In my world, gifts do not work that way. Now she’s upset because the bride wants to do things her way, and says she won’t have enough time (a weekend) to get to know the bride’s family.

Really, I want to be left out of all of this. I want to go to the wedding, wish the couple a lifetime of health and happiness, and have a glass of celebratory champagne. At this rate, I’m going to be looking for a designated driver for the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception.

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  1. Your stance is a wise one. Neutral is good. If your mom had interest in the actual plans of the rehearsal dinner, she should have laid them out up front.

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