Picture perfect? Not quite.

family photosAlmost two weeks ago when Mom and I were in north-central Missouri, my mother and her siblings came across several photos in the course of attempting to go through some of my grandmother’s stuff. The photos were thrown in a shoe box — one of the things they were going to deliberate and go through later.

I (foolishly, I know) volunteered* to bring them home and scan the photos so everyone could have copies. (I’m not dumb enough to volunteer to print them all out — they’ll be saved to a CD.) Most of the photos aren’t marked: No names, no dates, no places, nothing. So I said at the time that I would create a blog so they could identify who these people are.

Blog was clearly the wrong word. Freaking out ensued. Technology is scary. (My mother, the oldest of the three, and my grandfather are the most Web savvy.) Forty-three photos are posted so far. There has only been one comment to identify a photo. There are at least three dozen more photos to post before Friday. Why Friday? Because my aunt (remember her?) insisted on counting exactly how many photos were in the box, so she’d know how many I will be returning when Mom and I make another trip north this weekend.

*Why would I volunteer for such a thing? Because I’m sure I will never see these photos again. And, aside from geeking out over pennies, I’ve also been researching my family tree. I have plans for a family tree site. Someday.