Postcard round-robin

20 Jun

Postcard stampsI love postcards. Lately, I’ve been scanning in postcards for a family project, and it’s been a lot of fun to see the different styles, different places, even just how things have changed.

So when Vanessa suggested a postcard round-robin over on 30-Something Bloggers, I jumped on it. But there haven’t been any other takers yet. Still, we’re going to get started, because we know others will want to join in on the fun. Like you — you should join us! Send me an e-mail or a postcard to get started. There’s nothing like fun, random mail to brighten your day.

Vanessa’s original post:

I saw this on a blog from one of the 20somethings and thought it would be fun to start here too. I love mail, all kinds, but especially snail mail. Snail mail that is not bills, that is! What if we started a weekly post card round robin? No one would have to be paired up, just choose from the list who you want to send a post card for that week (bi-weekly, monthly, whatever). I think it would be a great way to further the connections we make through blogging and Twittering; if nothing else it could be really fun. Are you in?

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