Fabulous 40

Age has never been a big deal to me.

I didn’t rush out an get my driver’s license when I turned 16. (Yep, I’m old enough that I could get my license at 16. Now, there’s a graduated system.)

For my 21st? It wasn’t really my plan, but I worked on the college paper and then a group class project on alcohol abuse. I know; the irony.

Quarter-of-a-century? No big deal. 30? Was a bigger deal to my friends (most them are younger … I think they were trying to freak me out) and my mother.

And I don’t do New Year’s resolutions because, well, I never keep them.

But I really like Allie‘s Better by 40 plan. That’s basically 8.5 years to grow up:
• To start eating three square meals a day. (Now? Sometimes one, sometimes two.)
• To shed a few pounds.
• To put away the clean dishes that are in the dishwasher, and not stack the dirty ones in the sink.
• To finish some projects — several projects, actually. That includes all of the moldy family photos and letters that have been covering the dining room table since April.
• To figure out what I want to do with my life.
• To train the cat to do the laundry.
• To learn more Webby things.
• To pay off all of those big debts (car, student loan, credit cards) and contribute regularly to a Roth IRA or 401(k).
• To maybe even go out on a limb and take vitamins and all of that grown-up stuff.
• To plan something big to celebrate.

Come on, start your own Better by 40 campaign!