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3 St. Louis food trucks make nationwide ‘best’ list

18 Sep

Three St. Louis food trucks made the Daily Meal’s top 101 list.

Guerrilla Streetfood, No. 20 on this list, is no stranger to national accolades: It won a similar award in Munchies People’s Choice contest, made USA Today’s top 10 foodie spots in St. Louis and Forbes’ top 25 food trucks list.

Seoul Taco came it at No. 87; Cha Cha Chow is No. 94.

See the complete list.

In June, Schlafly Tap Room made the Daily Meal’s best burger list.

Only 1 STL burger on ‘best’ list

6 Jun

The Daily Meal, which claims to know “all things food and drink” including the “quintessentially American” hamburger, released its list of the 101 best burgers in America. Only one St. Louis burger made the list: Schlafly Tap Room’s Tap Room Burger is No. 93.

According to St. Louisans, that means that a lot of very good local burgers are missing from the list.

Where’s The Wheelhouse?

Stephan Savage dubbed this Wheelhouse masterpiece “best burger I’ve ever had” on Instagram, but also admitted he may be biased: He’s one of three men who owns The Wheelhouse.

Or Three Kings Pub?

Or the Shack Pubgrub?

Brandon Sherman called this one the “best burger in town!!” on Instagram. That’s right, the Shack’s burger was so good it needed two exclamation points.

Or J.Buck’s?

And what about Home Wine Kitchen?

Or Sugarfire Smokehouse?

Or O’Connell’s Pub? Chubbies? Stacked Burger Bar? Five Bistro? Brasserie by Niche? Or one of my favorites, Bailey’s Range?

Kansas City has two burgers on the Daily Meal’s list. New York has 15.

If you’re looking for a burger-based roadmap around St. Louis, the Riverfront Times made a list last year of the five best cheeseburgers in town. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch crowned a burger king in 2011. And St. Louis Magazine published its own best burgers list the same year.