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St. Louis to forgive nonviolent warrants

4 Oct

St. Louis officials announced Thursday that the city’s municipal court would clear outstanding warrants issued before Oct. 1 for nonviolent and non-alcohol-related traffic violent. New court dates will be set without a fee. Individuals have until Dec. 31 to apply for a new court date through the city’s municipal court site.

Using warrant information retrieved Oct. 1, Brett Lord-Castillo broke down by ZIP code where those who were issued warrants live, and mapped that information.

Darker colors indicate more warrants. Click on a color block to see how many warrants were issued for each ZIP code.

Find all the STL250 cakes here

25 Feb

This story originally appeared on RealTime/STL.

A Reddit user has published a map with the locations of 250 “Cakeway to the West” sculptures.

Using Google Fusion Tables and data from STL250, the map pinpoints the locations of each giant fiberglass cake. Click on a red point to learn more about each cake’s location.

The map creator said on Reddit that he will add photos to the map if others help collect the images.