Welcome to TIARATALK


Everyone should have a tiara. Seriously. It makes everything much more interesting — whether it’s laundry or work.

When you have a tiara (or even if you admire tiaras), you can talk about tiaras at TIARATALK. It’s the perfect way to combat co-workers’ annoying conversations about food, Birds or the Super Bowl.

I’ve had a tiara for several years. Usually it sits on my dresser. Sometimes it needs to be worn (like when I’m writing this). It’s fairly simple in design: It’s silver, about 1.5  inches tall in the center with a swirly design (no hearts — no need to overdo it) and 66 rhinestones (I counted). Like the one in the picture. It’s seen better days; it might be time to upgrade.

I also bring this up because with a focused topic (tiaras) I seem to blog more. It’s unexplainable. You’re welcome to join our little TIARATALK network!