Welcome to TIARATALK

Everyone should have a tiara. Seriously. It makes everything much more interesting — whether it’s laundry or work. When you have a tiara (or even if you admire tiaras), you can talk about tiaras at TIARATALK. It’s the perfect way to combat co-workers’ annoying conversations about food, Birds or the Super Bowl. I’ve had a… Continue reading Welcome to TIARATALK

The blog has a name!

I finally found a name (and domain) that I like for this blog! Woo-hoo! Kerning, for those unfamiliar, is what you do to adjust space between letters, pushing them closer together or farther apart. I owe Mark Dodge Medlin a drink or three for rescuing it after its database was (accidentally) deleted. Thanks, Mark! I’ve… Continue reading The blog has a name!