Whatever, you know?

9 Oct

The Marist Institute for Public Opinion put together a poll to try to find the most annoying word or phrase. “Whatever” won, followed by “you know.”

“Gussied up” is at the top of my list. Ick. There’s also something about the word “panties.” And words that have double vowels are weird — like “beer” or “cookie.” Weird, but delicious.

2 Responses to “Whatever, you know?”

  1. Michael Nicholson 09. Oct, 2009 at 3:15 am #

    I’m an American who has been living in Germany for some 14 years. Since I’ve been away, there are a few other very strange sayings that I hear every time I return to the states—that you haven’t mentioned yet—-

    They are:
    “I’m good” & “Good to go”

    People say this for EVERYTHING!!! What are these phrases supposed to mean? Has it come to such an extreme in America that we have to abbreviate conversations with such meaningless sayings? Most of the time, when people say “I’m good”, they don’t really let you know–or avoid–telling you the true status of their being—and what should be the opposite response anyway to that phrase? “I’m bad”?
    And then with “good to go”, it seems that people are so accustomed these days to avoiding conversation—i.e. texting someone as opposed to talking to someone, or not answering the cell phone because you see the number and don’t want to speak to that person—that it seems that “good to go” just means, “go on to the next thing—that it doesn’t matter if thoughts aren’t throughly discussed”. This is the very negative side to the tweet culture we have today—we are supposed to be “more connected” with cell phones, email, etc. today, but it often comes across that these are convenient ways to AVOID people, or avoid talking more in depth about situations/circumstances—-which is opposite direction that we should be heading!

  2. The Modern Gal 09. Oct, 2009 at 10:33 am #

    I HATE panties. It sounds so dirty.

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