You could be an invisible girlfriend

Hey, ladies: Got a selfie? Then you could be an invisible girlfriend.

Invisible Girlfriend, the winning app created during November’s Startup Weekend St. Louis, on Tuesday turned to Craigslist to ask that potentially creepy question: Send us a picture?

“If you send us a picture of yourself and we decide to use it, congratulations: you’ll be one of our first Invisible Girlfriends (that’s ever existed!),” the ad reads. Women are asked to include their ZIP code “so we can make sure nobody near you sees your picture.”

Invisible Girlfriend is looking for 18- to 45-year-old women of all backgrounds and ethnicities.

Prototypes for the app include three plans: “Just Talking,” “Getting Serious” and “Almost Engaged,” which can include texts from a robot, gifts, voicemails and even real phone calls.

“We’re not trying to build a girlfriend they can believe in — that’s a whole other level of technology,” creator Matt Homann told the Riverfront Times in November. “We’re giving them a better story to tell, even if the story isn’t true.”

The folks behind Invisible Girlfriend also are working on Invisible Boyfriend.