Comic con day 3: Q&A with Karen Gillan

This story originally appeared on RealTime/STL.

On the heels of Matt Smith’s Q&A with fans, “Doctor Who” companion Karen Gillan took the stage Sunday afternoon.

Gillan is well-known for her role as Amy Pond on “Doctor Who.” The TV show, which traces its roots back to 1963, was reborn in 2005 and uses a clever plot device that allows the main character, the Doctor, to “regenerate” as a different actor. The Doctor also travels with friends, known as companions. The series’ 11th Doctor was played by Matt Smith, and for two years Pond and her boyfriend (later husband) Rory Williams were the Doctor’s companions.

Fans asked several questions about Gillan’s “Who” experiences and favorite memories.

There’s a memorable scene in season six of “Doctor Who” where Amy Pond holds her newborn daughter, and she melts into a puddle of flesh.

Gillan said she was a “Doctor Who” fan before she was cast, but not as big of a fan as her mother. She’s been able to collect a lot of “Who” memorabilia.

As for the most difficult scene, that had nothing to do with stunts or subject matter.

Gillan said her “Who” connection has helped her land other parts, too.

Before she was cast, Gillan said she talked to the director via Skype and noted he was drinking coffee from a “Doctor Who” themed mug. “Oculus” is a horror film that hits theaters Friday.