Life’s (potential) poetry

They can’t lay us off if they can’t find usI’m going to let you in on a little secret.

I have a blog that tracks buyouts and layoffs in the newspaper industry. Um, that’s not the secret. In fact, it’s kinda well-known; the year-old blog started getting popular a couple of months ago.

In April, San Jose Mercury News artist extraordinaire Martin Gee posted a series of photos on Flickr titled “Reduction in Force” after a series of buyouts at the Merc. He updated the series after he was laid off last Thursday. The irony has not been lost on many bloggers and reporters.

Rumor is, layoffs are coming to the Post-Dispatch and other newspapers owned by Lee Enterprises. It wouldn’t surprise me; in fact, I’ve kind of been expecting an announcement along those lines for a little while. Sometimes I think my head’s just too much into the whole layoff/buyout thing, but layoffs were announced today at a Lee paper. (Not really announced; I don’t think they wanted word to get out or they would have written it up themselves. But don’t get me started on that.)

But there it is — the poetry.

Or potential poetry.

Our guild contract set up kind of code: Last in, first out. (Anyone? No?) I’m the last designer hired, although others in the newsroom have started since then.

My friends are all very reassuring, and to be honest, I’m not worried. (Yet? Not until an official announcement of some sort is made, at least.) My sensible mother says I should be updating my résumé now, start applying for — or at least looking for — jobs and saving money.

Their logic of figuring out what I’d want to do next, and where, is not lost on me; I just haven’t figured out that part.

(Wanna know another secret? I don’t know which side of the kitchen faucet is the hot water and which side is cold. Growing up, the faucets in the kitchen and one bathroom were switched. I still don’t have it figured out.)

The card pictured above was sent to me from Gabe — thanks Gabe!

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  1. seriouly — get the kayaks.

    as scary as the potential layoffs are, one has to wonder how — realistically — they would make any more cuts here and still get a paper out. especially in our department.

    newspapers are so tired.

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