Fresh from (mom’s) garden

When I was at my mother’s last weekend (pre-roller coaster ride), we picked and picked and picked and picked green beans. This wasn’t the first time, by any means. I brought home about half of the bounty — snapped, there was one-and-a-half gallon-size Ziploc bags of green beans.

That’s a lot of green beans. They’re fantastic steamed with a little garlic salt and pepper.

I have been assured that when I got back next weekend (when, hopefully, I will have a car to pick up. Or a progress report of some sort.), there will be just as many.

Plus sweet corn.

And zucchini. (I don’t do zucchini.)

And some maybe tomatoes.

Mom’s (very big) garden has cut down on my summer grocery bill, for sure. Now if she could only get that bacon to come up at the same time the tomatoes are ripe …

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  1. I came home from my parents’ with two ginormous heads of cabbage and a whole mess of banana peppers this last time. I’m thinking two weeks of cabbage soup, I guess?

    The blog looks great! I’m so glad you figured out that post title issue. **bows deeply**

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