It’s a stretch

I have a superpower.

(It is not the ability to drive on water.)

I was reminded of this not-often-used super power as I rode the elevator to my floor tonight. I was accompanied by a very tall, very skinny but very dumb (he had a mouthful of chewing tobacco) 20-something on his way to the seventh floor.

For some reason, mid-conversation (merely pleasantries) he decided to bend over and try to touch his toes. And he almost could.

I am an average-height, overweight, out of shape 30-something, but I can still bend over and put my palms flat on the ground. I can stand on an 8-inch step, and still touch the ground. My reign of terror began when I set the school’s sit-and-reach record in the fourth grade.

And that is my superpower: I can stand on a step, bend over and pick something up on the next step down. Fear me.


  1. That’s amazing. I was always an embarrassment in the sit-and-reach portion of PE. If I ever need something picked up, I’ll call you.

    Also, love the new look!

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