Grab your crayons

I recently read a post Laura made on Thirty-Something Bloggers: “I believe you are creative when you stop using a pen and start using the crayon box again.”

It inspired me to pick up a box of crayons and my favorite coloring book. (I still have it. I used to trace the line drawings on to blank paper, and color those pages. Yep, I was a huge nerd from early on.) Also, it’s a Christmas coloring book, which is kind of appropriate since I’ve been working on a letter-to-Santa project all week. (I also used to add bits of cotton to Santa’s suit and hat. Did I mention “nerd”?)


The crayons were a little more waxy and not nearly as smooth going on the page as I remembered. I realized that I used to color Santa’s hands green — for some reason I assumed he was wearing gloves. I decided he’s not wearing gloves this time.

Happy coloring.

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