Happy Rocktoberfest

Rocktober!If you haven’t heard, it’s Rocktober, and we’re celebrating with Rocktoberfest. (If you haven’t heard, it’s because you’re not reading The Modern Gal, a huge oversight on your part.) Rocktober is a way to get over the ickiness that was September. As the MG explained:

From here to forever more, Roctoberfest will be a monthlong celebration aimed at knocking the socks off of October and preventing it from kicking our asses like September did. Sure, bad things may happen this month, but we’re going to do as much as we can to counter those bad things and say to the world, “Hey world, we Rock!”

I made two Roctoberfest pledges:

  • Create a new Web site. OK, I already had the idea for President Bingo, so that was kind of an easy goal to set. I got the site up and running in time for the last debate, have made some tweaks for the next debate, and still have more tweaks in mind. And I figure I can recreate the site: Election Day pundits, acceptance speeches, State of the Union …
  • Spend some time offline. I know, scary. Although I’ve been kind of successful. Right now, four of five blogs have been updated and the online to-do list only has one thing on it. Yay!

So set a Rocktoberfest goal or two of your own. It’s much better than worrying about jobs or the economy or what to do when you run out of peanut butter.