2010 ornaments: Web icons

This year’s Christmas ornaments are done! Every year I add an ornament (or, in this case, five) that reflect something that’s happened in the last year. This year I became the Post-Dispatch’s social media editor, not to mention several social media endeavors not related to work (like STL Hacks/Hackers, SND STL and @newsroomcake), so the… Continue reading 2010 ornaments: Web icons

Plan B

I’ve figured out my Plan B — the “just in case I get laid off” plan. I’m going to be a private detective. Maybe I’ve been watching too many “Veronica Mars” re-runs, but I think it would be a lot of fun. The days usually don’t start too early, and usually run late in the… Continue reading Plan B

Employment remorse

I should have been laid off from work today. I wasn’t. My employer, whom I rarely blog about even on the journalism-related blog (although when something happens at work, there’s always a lot more traffic from work-related IPs), laid off 20 people on Friday. Seventeen of them were from the newsroom. Fifteen were part of… Continue reading Employment remorse