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How did the media do in its Ferguson coverage?

17 Sep

Deviating a bit from recent town hall meetings delving into events in Ferguson, Wednesday’s panel discussion focused on the media.

Moderated by National Association of Black Journalists president Bob Butler, the panel examined how journalists disseminated information about the Aug. 9 shooting and community response.

Panelists included Mariah Stewart, fellow at the Huffington Post; Christopher Ave, national and political editor at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch; Bill Freivogel, publisher of the Gateway Journalism Review; Bradley Rayford, freelance photographer; Patricia Bynes, Democratic committeewoman for Ferguson Township; and Brittany Noble-Jones, reporter at KMOV (Channel 4).

Did the media get it right?


I spy St. Louis

26 Sep

I love everything about this video. It was created by Brian Williamson, an uber-talented co-worker, for a design conference next year. The music is by Christopher Ave, another uber-talented co-worker. I’ve already adopted the song, “Mad Designers,” as the theme song for my detective agency.

Oh, did I mention I have a detective agency? I’ve always thought “private detective” would be a fantastic back-up plan. (Think “Veronica Mars.”) Not entirely practical, but entirely fantastic. So I’ve created a virtual agency, and until I come up with a super clever name, it shall be known simply as The Detective Agency. (Recent cases are over there, to the right.)

Anyway, you can download Christopher’s song my theme song (free!) by subscribing to his mailing list.