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Twitter is my super power (and yours too)

9 Apr

Last weekend, I attended St. Louis comic con. Although I paid for my ticket, I covered the event as press, with stories from Q&A sessions, the costume contest, cosplay and a story on the artists in attendance. From a fan-girl perspective, though, I was definitely looking forward to a couple of the celebrity Q&As.

Eliza Dushku was one of those. She was the little girl in “True Lies,” Faith in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Tru in “Tru Calling” and Echo in “Dollhouse.”

Saturday afternoon, a young questioner asked Dushku if she’d ever met a girl named Buffy. Dushku said she hadn’t, and the girl revealed that her name was Buffy. Dushku invited the girl down to the stage and shook her hand.

It was cute.

Twitter is made for breaking news and events. That Buffy-“Faith” encounter prompted Buffy’s mom to join Twitter in her hunt for photos of the exchange.

I didn’t have any photos, but since I’d live-tweeted the session and wrote a story about Dushku’s appearance, I knew some of her fans were reading my tweets, so I tried to help get word out.

Sure enough, it caught the eye of another Dushku fan, Sydney.

And that’s why Twitter is my super power.

See the whole session. (Find Buffy a little after the 11-minute mark.)

Save the milk

19 May

A Love Story… In Milk from Catsnake on Vimeo.

Did I just form an emotional attachment to a milk carton? (Clever campaign, UK.)

The case of the sea in the desert

17 May


h/t @jasonfiehler

I spy St. Louis

26 Sep

I love everything about this video. It was created by Brian Williamson, an uber-talented co-worker, for a design conference next year. The music is by Christopher Ave, another uber-talented co-worker. I’ve already adopted the song, “Mad Designers,” as the theme song for my detective agency.

Oh, did I mention I have a detective agency? I’ve always thought “private detective” would be a fantastic back-up plan. (Think “Veronica Mars.”) Not entirely practical, but entirely fantastic. So I’ve created a virtual agency, and until I come up with a super clever name, it shall be known simply as The Detective Agency. (Recent cases are over there, to the right.)

Anyway, you can download Christopher’s song my theme song (free!) by subscribing to his mailing list.

The case of the missing football game

8 Sep

Many months ago, a stranger asked for my help to identify the date, place and opponent of a Rams football game he had attended nearly 60 years ago.

And I found it.

On the 60-year anniversary of that game, my new friend Joe e-mailed me to say thanks again.

Thanks to your investigative reporting on my behalf, I learned that the date of the first RAMS game I ever saw was Sept. 7, 1950. SIXTY years ago today, an occasion marked by the fact that Deacon Dan Towler gave me a chin-strap (leather, of course). Again, I appreciate your efforts.

Keep up the great work.

Sincerest regards,

Another successful case closed.