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S’more, please

1 Sep

Last week when my brother and I went to my mother’s, Adam helped a neighbor burn a pile of brush and a tree that had been cut down. Adam had said he’d toast marshmallows, but when it came time to do the toasting, he was on the phone with his girlfriend and decidedly less excited about the adventure. (Mom and I toasted a couple of marshmallows anyway.)

Since then, I’ve been craving s’mores. Toasty marshmallow goodness on top of melty chocolate, smooshed between graham crackers … Yum.

(The narrator is right: The microwave option just isn’t the same.)

Go ahead — eat ice cream for breakfast

1 Feb

Growing up, Sunday’s usually turned into a bruch-kind of day. Down-home country-style brunch — bacon and eggs or biscuits and gravy, that sort of thing. But sometimes Mom let us have ice cream for breakfast. As long as it was scooped on top of oatmeal.

Make a bowl of oatmeal, add pecans, a scoop of ice cream and drizzle a little honey on top. I think the vanilla-based ice creams work best — black walnut or butter pecan are good.

Feb. 7 is National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. (It’s always the first Saturday of February.) Serendipity Ice Cream in Webster Groves is celebrating with waffle sundaes and pajama contests.

(h/t Gabe!)

Free ice cream on Election Day!

30 Oct

free ice creamNeed a sweet treat after voting? Then you need a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Free ice cream! They’re giving it away from 5 to 8 p.m. Nov. 4. Find a store near you.

But seriously — go vote first, OK? (Find your polling place here.)

(If companies would stop giving away free food, I’d post about something else, I swear.)

Free burritos on Halloween!

26 Oct

I’m not sure when this became the “free food” blog, but why fight it.

Wear aluminum foil to Chipotle on Halloween, and get a free burrito. (Because they wrap all of their burritos in foil, of course.) You can go all out like these guys:

Or make your own foil dress. But a bracelet, crown or nice hat will work just as well — be creative. Find a Chipotle near you, and happy free burrito day!