The balloon saga continues

There are new helium-filled balloons next door. This time they’re Mylar — maybe they’ll last longer than the “regular” kind? Or mean something different?

Balloon people

The kind people working on the building next door are still at it. But (victory!) they took down the sad string of dead balloons. And then the neighbor put out new dying balloons. Is that, perhaps, the only way the occupants can find their home? Were they planning on hanging new balloons out the window… Continue reading Balloon people

Dear kind people working on the neighboring building

The work you’re doing — cleaning the windows and painting the trim — looks fantastic. But 7 a.m. is entirely too early for the beep, beep, beep of that lift that you’re using to do that work. And day three of that beep, beep, beep is definitely making me a crabby-pants. Thanks, Neighbor who doesn’t… Continue reading Dear kind people working on the neighboring building