Join the curling club

Curling seems to be the game of the Olympics this year. The St. Louis Curling Club is trying to get started, and will meet Saturday for two reasons: 1. To talk about curling and give newbies (um, me) a chance to ask experienced curlers all sorts of questions. 2. To watch the bronze medal curling… Continue reading Join the curling club

Ew, ew, ew

The news report conversation that just took place between MSNBC’s Tamaran Hall, left, and Stephanie Stanton, right,: HALL: Here we go. China has pulled ahead of the U.S. in the medal count. Now China now has 9 gold medals compared to just 3 for the U.S. NBC’s Stephanie Stanton live in Beijing. So Stephanie, is… Continue reading Ew, ew, ew