Ew, ew, ew

The news report conversation that just took place between MSNBC’s Tamaran Hall, left, and Stephanie Stanton, right,:

HALL: Here we go. China has pulled ahead of the U.S. in the medal count. Now China now has 9 gold medals compared to just 3 for the U.S. NBC’s Stephanie Stanton live in Beijing. So Stephanie, is this about what folks expected at this point?

STANTON: Well, uh, yes indeed, Tamaran. You know, people expected a head-to-head race between the U.S. and China, but China expected to have a very strong showing because, after all, this is the host country and this is their chance to really show off to the world. Now speaking of showing off, I’m going to do a little showing off of my own. I’m going to model this lovely medals jacket. This is the jacket that the athletes wear when they go on the medals stand. The U.S. athletes have had the opportunity to wear it 12 times. You can see “USA” on the back. So, uh, it’s really comfortable and I kinda like it so … Hmm. I think I could get used to it. You know, it’s really good to dream. It’s really good to dream, Tamaran.

HALL: Yeah, Stephanie, and I would dream to take it off of Michael Phelps’s body. That’s the one that I want. We’ll talk to you later, Stephanie.

Really? She said that? Yep, she said that …

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  1. any chance layoffs are in the future at MSNBC? cuz i know of a couple of worthless trollops who should move to the top of the list.

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