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32 new pizza locations this year in the region

8 May

This story originally appeared on RealTime/STL.

You know what we love in St. Louis? Pizza. Or we’d better, because a lot of new pizza restaurants have opened or plan to open in 2014. While there’s only seven pizzerias with locations planned, they expect to open more than 30 locations. Here’s what we’ve found so far:

Imo’s: 1

That’s right, the “square beyond compare” has a new location at an old location. The Imo’s at 9600 Watson Road, Crestwood, caught fire in March 2012. Owner Bill Puricelli opted to change gears, and opened Puricelli’s Deli at that location eight months later. Now the deli has closed, and an Imo’s will return under new ownership, an Imo’s spokesman told RealTime/STL.

The Good Pie: 1

It’s not technically new, but the restaurant finally opened at it’s new Delmar Boulevard location on Feb. 26. Post-Dispatch restaurant critic Ian Froeb says the new location is even better than the old one.

Pizza Story: 1

Maplewood’s newest pizza restaurant is owned by two Washington University professors: Muhammad Alhawagri is a biologist and Sherif Nasser is an assistant professor of marketing. An open date hasn’t been set yet, but they’ll be serving wood-fired Neopolitan pizza.

Jet’s Pizza: 1

Jet’s, which already has six St. Louis-area restaurants, is adding a Hampton Avenue location.

Sarpino’s Pizzeria: 5

The Chicago-area chain will open its first store “in the Ladue/Clayton area later this year,” according to the Post-Dispatch.

Pie Five Pizza: 20

The Texas chain plans to open 20 locations in the metro area this fall, according to the Business Journal. That’s more locations than Pie Five now has nationwide. No word yet on where those locations will be.

PizzaRev: 3

According to a March press release, the “craft your own” pizza chain will open three locations in St. Louis “soon.” No word yet on locations or a more precise timeframe. The Business Journal reports the chain was founded by St. Louis native Irv Zuckerman.


Last year, several new pizza places popped up too, including Katie’s Pizzeria Cafe, Blind Tiger, two Crushed Red locations, three Jet’s Pizzas and a Little Caesars.

Research assistant Erin Fiehler contributed to this report.

Pi to park pizza trucks

24 Jul

The St. Louis and Washington, D.C., Pi Pizzeria food trucks will retire at the end of the month, according to a notice posted on the company’s website.