Stranded on I-70: Traveler tweets his 8-hour delay

This story originally appeared on RealTime/STL. An accident on eastbound Interstate 70 near Warrenton closed the highway overnight and stranded dozens of drivers. Among them was travel consultant Kevin Dern, who tweeted his experience. Dern and his wife were returning to St. Louis from the True/False Film Fest in Columbia, Mo., and were about a… Continue reading Stranded on I-70: Traveler tweets his 8-hour delay

Snowmageddon, part 2

There’s a second D.C. snow-lapse. It’s not as marshmallowy as the first one, and more planned. More snow is expected in D.C. in the next few days. In St. Louis, there was a couple of inches last week, which really amounted to nothing (although most of the schools were closed for two days and there… Continue reading Snowmageddon, part 2

Now that’s a snowpocalypse

Have you ever microwaved a marshmallow? (via) Sara has photos of the first 26 inches of snow that fell in D.C. Another 10 to 12 inches is expected today. In St. Louis, we have our own mini-snowpocalypse — there could be 5 inches by morning, which means there’s a full-on freak-out throughout the city.