Welcome to St. Louis! Toasted ravioli!

This story originally appeared on RealTime/STL.

The midwest has a reputation for being kind and hospitable. At Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con, we were both.

Throughout the weekend, celebrity Q&As were peppered with shouts of “toasted ravioli!”

During Saturday’s Q&A with fans, Milo Ventimiglia said he’d had a great dinner Friday night, but when he tried to order pasta with tomato sauce, “like a good Italian boy,” he was disappointed to find the restaurant only had cream sauces. After shouting “toasted ravioli,” the audience sent Ventimiglia and Jon Bernthal to The Hill. Both shared a photo — the same photo — from outside Charlie Gitto’s on Sunday.

On Sunday, young questioner asked Karen Gillan if she’d tried “fish fingers and custard.”

Gillan said she had, and the audience yelled for her to visit Ted Drewes. (Gillan had not heard of frozen custard.)

Sunday afternoon, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and Adam Baldwin heard about toasted ravioli, too. Fans must’ve feared Fillion would starve while here: Online recommendations (often offered at the mere mention of St. Louis) included a lot of pizza and a little frozen custard (and a trip to City Museum).